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T. Renee Designs


Growing up, I always enjoyed crafting and always teaching myself new things. For instance, I learned how to draw, make rugs, sew, knit, crochet, and the list goes on. For me, it was a way to take my mind off of the stress of everyday life.


As I started showing those around me the things that I have made, I realize they want to learn how to do it, or they want me to make one for them. My mindset shifts into being, “Turning my hobby (something I enjoy doing) into a business.” That is when I started T. Renee Workshop (2017).

T. Renee Workshop was about selling crochet blankets. In 2018, I started to pick up new hobbies such as sewing and creating custom wine glasses (glassware). I no longer felt like my business was a workshop, but more of a design company. In August of 2020, T. Renee Designs was officially created.

The Future of T. Renee Designs: As T. Renee Designs grows, it will become a design company that makes products that is high quality, functional, beautiful, and cause no negative effect on your health and beauty.

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